Art & Wine Tour

What a wonderful combination!. I created this tour in 2012 to enjoy both. Visit the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum

This tour usually starts with a visit to the beautiful Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle, located beneath the Space Needle. ( It's now the most popular tourist site in Seattle). 

We may also have an opportunity to observe them making glass at the Chihuly* 

A Typical Tour schedule.

1. Visit Chihuly exhibit
2. Lunch*
3.  Another Art Gallery option
4. 2-3 Boutique Wineries with Art
5. Return to your Hotel

*Lunch is,( on your own) but with your guide at a nationally acclaimed local spot, either in Seattle perhaps at the Museum Cafe or in Woodinville depending on where we go for the afternoon's wineries.
You will taste wines at some local award winning wineries usually in Woodinville that are either art focused or have uniquely designed and artistic tasting rooms along with their fine wines.

* Glass making portion is not aways available

We are with you at each and every winery to offer additional information about the wines

This tour is usually a full day about 6- 7 hours but can be adjusted to your requests.

This tour can be customised to visit either the Woodinville or the Seattle wineries following the Chihuly exhibit.

Your tickets to the Chihuly exhibit are included in the price of the tour.

We will pick you up at your Hotel in Seattle

Photos 2,3, 4, 5  and 6 were taken by Werner Nennecker at The Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle
Photo 7  was taken outside by me while on a recent tour
Photo 8 is a collection of openers at the the Museum Cafe

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