Pinot Noir Tour WA

 Ah! a Tour for the Lovers of the
elegant Pinot Noir
(Red Burgundy)

The First Pinot Noir Tour in WA


Can't make it to Oregon with us? come taste Pinot Noir in WA.
Yes in Washington. With the growth of Oregon Pinot Noir wineries and their
expansion into Seattle, along with some of our exclusive contacts, we are
now able to offer these exciting tours to several of Oregon's finer producers
who now have local tasting facilities in WA, either in Seattle or Woodinville. You
may also have an opportunity to taste some of the very limited production Pinot Noirs
of WA, depending on availablity  and the time of year of course. They are usually available in Winter

Let us take you on this exclusive tour to some beautiful spots with some elegant wines!

The WA Pinot Noirs are very limited since most of our climate is too
warm, but we do have some selected microclimates that are a little cooler
that allow for some good Pinot Noirs to be produced, notably down by
the Columbia Gorge.
Contact us for this special tour.  This can be a tour from 4-7 hours+

We will pick you up at your Seattle Hotel or area residence.

First Photo is me, Don, Tasting wine at the Estates in Seattle, (now closed, as of 2020 except in Oregon)
compliments of the Seattle Times.

Pouring is Donna Moyer, The former Estates manager, Wine Guide & fellow French Wine Scholar

2nd picture is my daughter at the Pike Place market, smiling because she is going to
       taste some Pinot Noir shortly

3rd picture is by Donna Moyer, who is also a talented photograher

4th picture is a boutique winery bottling a small production wine by hand

5th picture is of an Amazon building in downtown, by Werner Neenecker

6th picture is inside "The Former Estates" In Seattle

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