Seattle Craft Brewery Tour

Seattle is home to 40+ craft Breweries
Come Taste Washington's finest brews

This Private tour is usually about 4 hours+
Washington is #4 in craft brewery production in the USA., with over 250 in the state,
Yes we are in a great place for wine, but these breweries are making a name for themselves

We customize your private tour to your tastes,  to visit 3-4 of the finer selected micro
breweries,  usually in Seattle
We are not obligated to go to any breweries like some others, so we can go anywhere to please your tastes

Seattle is the proud home of the Pike Place, Pyramid &  Elysian, which you may know about.
But, we focus on the smaller award winning craft breweries, These speciality breweries such as the award winning Tin Dog which makes a great sour beer with some of its beers aged in neutral oak wine barrels. You won't find these on a regular Tour

We will pick you up at your Hotel or B&B in Seattle

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