Special Custom Tours

This tour can be almost any type of wine tour we can create with you!
It can also be a more exclusive Private Tasting upon request.

It can also include, coffee, chocolate, cider or mead

NEWS FLASH as of Feb 2018 Alaska Airlines now will now
fly 1 case of wine for free from Seattle. 
Must be an Alaska mileage member*

*These tours can offer access to some select wineries that are not open to the public*"

 Are you a connisseur or Aficionado, or just new to wine or some where in the middle?
 Regardless of your wine background, we will create a fun tour to your liking, because:

1. We have the expertise in wine, The owner is a " French Wine Scholar " and a Sommelier
2. We take the time to discuss your preferences like no one else.
3. We design your tour to suite your requests and palette.

We find most people have an idea of what types of wines they like, but sometimes they aren't sure why. We can help you to demystify wine and decifer your palette .Are you a super taster? We can give you a short taste sensitivity test to tell us if you are.  Either way if you are or are not a super taster,  and most people are not, we can utilize this test to assist us with your preferences and provide you with wine information for a life time of future enjoyment. It's fun too. We are in a very good position to be able to determine what wines you will enjoy most and at which wineries. Why taste wines we know you won't enjoy!
Ok you say I know a lot about wines, you may not need this information, perfect, we can focus on exactly what you want to taste!  We have taken 2 wine makers from NAPA on tours this year already. We are in a position because of our formal wine credentials to honor your requests by more than just varitetals!
Regardless of your wine background we would enjoy taking you out to taste wines. It's all about enjoyment
Let us take you beyond just a tasting to an in depth expeience, that only a private tour such as ours can offer!. We take you into these award winning wineries to meet the wine makers*, whether it be in Seattle, Woodinville or Eastern WA. We are with you at each step of the journey to make it fun and informative. You can learn why they make their wines in a specific style, what vineyards they use or own and what makes their wines unique. You may also learn the secret to why > 1/2 of all Washingon wines have been rated 90 points or more by the Wine Spectator for 8 years in a row! or just just sip great wines.

 *  Sometimes wine makers are not available, such as at crush time ( Sept.)
** Select wineries are not always available

Call us to discuss your ideas or ours, we have a few              

 For Example.
 Try starting out with a unique special reserve coffee and breakfast experience at the authentic Princi Italian bakery at the Starbucks" Reserve Roastery"  The only one of its kind in the World. See coffee being roasted while you enjoy those wonderful Italian pasteries etc.
 We may be able to determine what styles of wine you like by how you prefer your coffee !

*Try a beautiful  35 minute ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and taste some great wines in a relaxed setting. Ask us for the details or see the Bainbridge Island Tour

Other suggestions may inlude a horzontal or vertical Tasting of the following:
1. A varietal tour, such as Syrah, reflecting the different styles in Washington.
2. Compare the same wines at different prices to see if you can taste the difference.
3. A focus on Rhone wines, both Red and or White
4. A focus on Italian Wines, or Spanish wines
5. A focus on White wines
6. A focus on Rose ( When available) spring & early summer. It's now available 5-18
7. A focus on sweet wines, desert wines, Late harvest wines, Cider & or Mead
8. A focus on Bordeaux's, (Cab, Merlot etc.) is already available
9. A focus on All Red wines, I knew I was missing one !

We will pick you up at your Hotel or Residence in the Seattle or Bellevue area

Please contact us for details.

First Photo taken in Woodinville, post Crush 11-3-17  yes it is snowing. unusal for Seattle.
2nd Photo is just me in front of Chateau Ste Michelle in Woodinville in the summer
3rd Photo taken in Woodinville, by Donna Moyer, sommelier & fellow French Wine Scholar
4th Photo is a small boutique winery bottling their next vinetage
5th Photo is of Eastern WA, by Werner Nennecker,  a world class Photographer
6th Photo is a Private wine maker dinner in Woodinville, with home made Italian dishes
       paired with award winning WA Italian varietal wines
7th Photo is "The Starbucks Reserve Roastery" in Seattle The  first in the World,
      ( Shanghai is now ) so only 2 in the world as of 5-20-18
8th Photo is my daughter, a former Nordstrom model in front of the Pike Place Market.

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