Woodinville Wine Tour

This tour is our Most Popular, about ( 6- 7+ hrs ).
We customize your Tour like no one else!

Whether you are a connisseur or new to wine,  or some where in the middle, we have a tour you will enjoy. We are not here to impress you with our wine knowledge, but rather to listen to your preferences and use our knowledge to make more informed selections for the wineries we will visit.  The result is a tour you will really enjoy.
Let us take you behind the scenes with our more in depth escorted tours, that only a private tour such as ours can offer, a private tour is the best use of your time to taste the wines you enjoy.  We will go into those little known boutique wineries where you can see the passion and taste the quality of their wines. All based on your palette.

We go into each winery with you to provide you with additional information on the wines and make suggestions as to the wines you may like most based on our analysis of your palette, You wil thenl have a better understanding of what you are tasting. We can assist you in decifering why you prefer ceratin wines over others if you care to know? It may be good to know when you are at those parties  Ha ! so you won't get a wine you dislike. Do you really know what  all of the wines you may like? great! we can take you to the specific styles and types of wines you prefer, either way It's all about enhancing your enjoyment of wine!. And maybe even add ina few you have not had before. Just to make it interesting ha!

You can learn about the wine maker's specfic style and what makes his or her wines award winning and unique.
Learn why over 1/2 of the wines in Washington are rated 90 points or more by the Wine Spectator for 8 years in row! 
How can these wines from rainy Washington be so good? You will learn why as you experience them for yourself.

Not sure of what you want to taste? Let us help you with a free taste sensitivity test!, this will help us to decide on your best  wineries to visit.. Even if you do know what you like it's a fun and easy test to take. We have plenty of places to choose from. Woodinville Wine Country has over 135+ wineries now( 2022 up from just 12 in 2000.
There are over 1000 in the state now as of 2022, up from about 150 in 2000

Each tour is fun, unique and is guided by Seattle's most knowledgeable & professional Guides.

We will pick you up at your Hotel, BB, VRBO or residence in the Seattle or Bellevue area

Woodinville is only 35 minutes or so from Seattle and is in the the rare position of being able to offer tastings of wines from all around the state - without having to travel the distance to see them. Many of the wineries have production facilities in Woodinville while others only have tasting rooms. There are a vast number of choices in a very close proximity.  Leaving more time to taste and less time wasted  driving around compared to most other wine regions in the world.  

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A Typical Tour Itinerary
1. Pick-up at your hotel late morning
2. Visit a large winery or a small boutique winery
3. Lunch at a Top 100 wine restaurant, or other quality restaurant, with your guide.
    Or a private lunch in a winery with a winemaker ( advance notice needed*)
4. Plus 2-3 more boutique wineres
5. Return to your hotel early evening

We don't charge by the hour, but by the tour, so we can take the time to enjoy lunch with you and discuss wines a little further as well as some wine and food parings)

*Tasting fees are usually not inluded, except on corpoate tours, because they can vary within the same winery, so we leave it up to you to select. Most are waved with a purchase anyway p/p

 Cover picture is one of the top wineries in Woodinville, which is a copy of a famous Chateau in Bordeaux ,(* hint it 's on the left bank), built in Woodinville. Can You Name it?. The Winner gets One Free glass of wine at Lunch. *( Not appicable if you live in WA)

8 th photo is us tasting Rose the 4th of July 2018
first photo is me about to leave for my Bastille Day wine tour last year, a fun day to work

  Picture # 7 is a recent Rhone tasting I did at the Four Seasons Hotel, sponsored by the Wine Spectator for the" Taste WA" event in March 2018.  I tasted 3 French Syrahs from the N Rhone, and 5 Washington Syrahs from different AVA/s  The terrior and the wine makers styles showed distinct differences. All of the WA wines showed more fruit up front as you would expect but the wine from 2 vintners  "rocks AVA" in  Walla Walla  was the most unique by far, unlike any syrah in the world, that I have tasted

*4nd Picture, is By Donna Moyer, Wine Guide , Sommelier, Photogargher and fellow French Wine Scholar

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