Distillery Tours

Taste some of the Seattle areas finest Spirits

Seattle Distillery Tour

Taste some of the countries finest award winning spirits with our custom private tour.

We take you into those small, hard to get into craft distilleries, that are often closed to the public to tour the Distillery and taste the highest quality spirits!

Taste the spirits that have been rated the tops in North America 8 times
Taste America's Best Craft Whiskey, World Whiskey Awards
Taste Organic Whiskey
Taste the World's Best Vodka, World Drinks Awards, London
Taste the Pacific North West's Best Vodka, Sip Magazine
Taste the Nations Best Flavered Bourbon

Learn why Seattle is such a great place to make Single Malt Whiskeys.

How about a Local crafted grapefruit or blood orange vodka with home made tonic ?

Washington is leading the country with over 120 distilleries and is # 1
There are 24 distilleries in the city of Seattle (more than any city in the country.)

We have a wide range of imaginative styles of distillates that are produced, most from grains, but some from fruit bases, such as wine grapes from Chateau Ste Michelle which are used to make very smooth Vodka's including many natural flavored ones that are wonderful
There are award winning Single Malt Scotch styled whiskies as well Bourbon, Rye, Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Rum and even Limoncello, absinthe, aquavite and more, there is a spirit to get you into the spirit. Our distillery tour is also a great way to see many parts of the city along the way. It is a generally a half day tour visiting 3 small production craft distilleries with a knowledgable guide with you every step of the way. We will custom design your private tour to take you to those national award winning distilleries, some of which are too far out of the way for the others to visit. Taste the spirits you prefer, that only a private tour like ours can offer! This tour can range in time from 3 hours to about 6 hours depending on who and how many we see. Our focus is on your experience!

Ever wish you could make your own Whiskey, Vodka, or Gin in just a few hours?   
We can arrange this at a nationally renowned award winning Distillery!
* Advanced notice is required and dates are very limited.

Please email or call us to discuss these options and your spirit preferences.

Bourbon Tour

Think Bourbon is only good in Kentucky?
 You will be amazed !

 Some of ours have won awards against the Kentucky Bourbons.
 Yes its true, we have done quite well in national  competions
 This Tour is for those who wish to focus on our great craft Bourbons.