Wine Tours

Visit the finer small production, boutique wineries in Woodinville Wine Country, Seattle or anywhere in Washington.

Special Custom Tours

Looking for something special, a more refined experience, then this is the one! We will create a tasting experience for you.

This is also a great opportunity to add some select Washington wines to your cellar!

 We also have Japanese and Spanish speaking wine Guides.

This tour can also be a more exclusive Private Tasting as well if you wish.

(We also offer celebration Gift Certificates for Birthdays and Anniversaries)

We also do private talks and pourings for those special personal or company events

Don't have time to go to Woodinville or Seattle on a tour, We can bring the wines to your Hotel for a private tasting

We can also set up a private wine maker's tasting at a unique space in Seattle, perhaps on a roof top condo

This type of tour is also an excellent choice for creative corporate outings or team building
 events,   it's much more fun and informative than just a lunch or dinner out.

 How about a Custom Italian Wine Maker Lunch or Dinner in the winery, with home made Italian food and all the wines paired for each course as part of your custom tour ?

Please try to give us some notice if possible on this tour, Thanks

It can also include, coffee, chocolate, cider, Sake and or mead

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fly 1 case of wine for Free from Seattle p/p.

Must be an Alaska mileage member*

*These tours can offer access to some very select wineries some of whom have achieved cult status and are not open to the public*"

 Are you a Connisseur or Aficionado, or just new to wine or somewhere in the middle?
 Regardless of your wine background, we will create a fun tour to your liking,

1. We have the expertise in wine, The owner is a
  " French Wine Scholar " a Sommelier, and has a WSET III,  as do
    most of his guides
2. We take the time to discuss your preferences like no one else.
3. We design your tour to suit your requests and palete.

We find most people have an idea of what types of wines they like, but sometimes they aren't sure why. We can help you to demystify wine and decifer your palette .Are you a super taster? We can give you a short taste sensitivity test to tell us if you are.  Either way if you are or are not a super taster,  and most people are not, we can utilize this test to assist us with your preferences and provide you with wine information for a life time of future enjoyment. It's fun too. We are in a very good position to be able to determine what wines you will enjoy most and at which wineries. Why taste wines we know you won't enjoy!
Ok you say I know a lot about wines, you may not need this information, perfect, we can focus on exactly what you want to taste!  We have taken 2 wine makers from NAPA on tours this year already. We are in a position because of our formal wine credentials to honor your requests by more than just varitetals!
Regardless of your wine background we would enjoy taking you out to taste wines. It's all about enjoyment
Let us take you beyond just a tasting to an in depth expeience, that only a private tour such as ours can offer!. We take you into these award winning wineries to meet the wine makers*, whether it be in Seattle, Woodinville or Eastern WA. We are with you at each step of the journey to make it fun and informative. You can learn why they make their wines in a specific style, what vineyards they use or own and what makes their wines unique. You may also learn the secret to why > 1/2 of all Washingon wines have been rated 90 points or more by the Wine Spectator for 8 years in a row! or just just sip great wines.

 *  Sometimes wine makers are not available, such as at crush time ( Sept.-Oct)

** Select wineries are not always available

Call us to discuss your ideas or ours, we have a few              

 For Example.
Try starting out with a unique special reserve coffee and breakfast experience at the authentic Princi Italian bakery at the Starbucks" Reserve Roastery"  The first one of its kind in the World. See coffee being roasted while you enjoy those wonderful Italian pasteries etc.

We may be able to determine what styles of wine you like by how you prefer your coffee !

*Try a beautiful  35 minute ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and taste some great wines in a relaxed setting. Ask us for the details or see the Bainbridge Island Tour

Other suggestions may inlude a horzontal or vertical Tasting of the following:

1. A varietal tour, such as Syrah, reflecting the different styles in Washington.
2. Compare the same wines at different prices to see if you can taste the difference.
3. A focus on Rhone wines, both Red and or White
4. A focus on Italian Wines, or Spanish wines
5. A focus on White wines
6. A focus on Rose ( When available) spring & summer. Some of the 18's are available as of 4/2/19
7. A focus on sweet wines, desert wines, Late harvest wines, Cider & or Mead
8. A focus on Bordeaux's, (Cab, Merlot etc.) is already available
9. A focus on All Red wines, I knew I was missing one !

We will pick you up at your Hotel, Residence, VRBO, or BB in the Seattle or Bellevue area

Please contact us for details.

First Photo taken in Woodinville, post Crush 11-3-17  yes it is snowing. unusal for Seattle.
2nd Photo is just me in front of Chateau Ste Michelle in Woodinville in the summer
3rd Photo taken in Woodinville, by Donna Moyer, sommelier & fellow French Wine Scholar
4th Photo is a small boutique winery bottling their next vinetage
5th Photo is of Eastern WA, by Werner Nennecker,  a world class Photographer
6th Photo is a Private wine maker dinner in Woodinville, with home made Italian dishes
       paired with award winning WA Italian varietal wines
7th  Photo is My daughter a former Nordstom Model, at The Pike Place market
8th Photo, is just another great private tour to Woodinville, to the famous Passing Time Winery, that is closed to the public.
      Pictured with me are the owners, Damon Huard, & Dan Marino

Woodinville Wine Tour

This tour is our Most Popular, about ( 6- 7+ hrs ).
We customize your Tour like no one else!

Whether you are a connisseur or new to wine,  or some where in the middle, we have a tour you will enjoy. We are not here to impress you with our wine knowledge, but rather to listen to your preferences and use our knowledge to make more informed selections for the wineries we will visit.  The result is a tour you will really enjoy.
Let us take you behind the scenes with our more in depth escorted tours, that only a private tour such as ours can offer, a private tour is the best use of your time to taste the wines you enjoy.  We will go into those little known boutique wineries where you can see the passion and taste the quality of their wines. All based on your palette.

We go into each winery with you to provide you with additional information on the wines and make suggestions as to the wines you may like most based on our analysis of your palette, You wil thenl have a better understanding of what you are tasting. We can assist you in decifering why you prefer ceratin wines over others if you care to know? It may be good to know when you are at those parties  Ha ! so you won't get a wine you dislike. Do you really know what  all of the wines you may like? great! we can take you to the specific styles and types of wines you prefer, either way It's all about enhancing your enjoyment of wine!. And maybe even add ina few you have not had before. Just to make it interesting ha!

You can learn about the wine maker's specfic style and what makes his or her wines award winning and unique.
Learn why over 1/2 of the wines in Washington are rated 90 points or more by the Wine Spectator for 8 years in row! 
How can these wines from rainy Washington be so good? You will learn why as you experience them for yourself.

Not sure of what you want to taste? Let us help you with a free taste sensitivity test!, this will help us to decide on your best  wineries to visit.. Even if you do know what you like it's a fun and easy test to take. We have plenty of places to choose from. Woodinville Wine Country has over 135+ wineries now( 2022 up from just 12 in 2000.
There are over 1000 in the state now as of 2022, up from about 150 in 2000

Each tour is fun, unique and is guided by Seattle's most knowledgeable & professional Guides.

We will pick you up at your Hotel, BB, VRBO or residence in the Seattle or Bellevue area

Woodinville is only 35 minutes or so from Seattle and is in the the rare position of being able to offer tastings of wines from all around the state - without having to travel the distance to see them. Many of the wineries have production facilities in Woodinville while others only have tasting rooms. There are a vast number of choices in a very close proximity.  Leaving more time to taste and less time wasted  driving around compared to most other wine regions in the world.  

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* Must be a mileage member, but It's free to join

A Typical Tour Itinerary
1. Pick-up at your hotel late morning
2. Visit a large winery or a small boutique winery
3. Lunch at a Top 100 wine restaurant, or other quality restaurant, with your guide.
    Or a private lunch in a winery with a winemaker ( advance notice needed*)
4. Plus 2-3 more boutique wineres
5. Return to your hotel early evening

We don't charge by the hour, but by the tour, so we can take the time to enjoy lunch with you and discuss wines a little further as well as some wine and food parings)

*Tasting fees are usually not inluded, except on corpoate tours, because they can vary within the same winery, so we leave it up to you to select. Most are waved with a purchase anyway p/p

 Cover picture is one of the top wineries in Woodinville, which is a copy of a famous Chateau in Bordeaux ,(* hint it 's on the left bank), built in Woodinville. Can You Name it?. The Winner gets One Free glass of wine at Lunch. *( Not appicable if you live in WA)

8 th photo is us tasting Rose the 4th of July 2018
first photo is me about to leave for my Bastille Day wine tour last year, a fun day to work

  Picture # 7 is a recent Rhone tasting I did at the Four Seasons Hotel, sponsored by the Wine Spectator for the" Taste WA" event in March 2018.  I tasted 3 French Syrahs from the N Rhone, and 5 Washington Syrahs from different AVA/s  The terrior and the wine makers styles showed distinct differences. All of the WA wines showed more fruit up front as you would expect but the wine from 2 vintners  "rocks AVA" in  Walla Walla  was the most unique by far, unlike any syrah in the world, that I have tasted

*4nd Picture, is By Donna Moyer, Wine Guide , Sommelier, Photogargher and fellow French Wine Scholar

Snoqualmie Falls Wine Tour - Full Day Tour

This is not a typical sightseeing tour, but a combination of some Boutique wine tasting and a little sightseeing to Snoqualmie Falls.

This tour is fully escorted, we go with you and stay with you at each winery to offer additional information on the wines that only a private tour can provide.     

Taste wine with a wine maker on his porch over looking his vineyard

This Tour has now become the second most popular wine tour we have!

This is a great tour for out of town guests to get into the country a little and see the beautiful Cascade Mountains up a little closer. We travel from Seattle across Lake Washington where you can see 14,000+ foot high Mount Ranier on a clear day off to the right. Yes it's usually clear in summer. We proceed into the foot hills winding gradually uphill on I- 90  East to the beautiful 270 foot Snoqualmie Falls. It is a scenic ride with the foot hills on both sides. As we approach Snoqualmie Falls you may also see majestic Mount Si. There is snow as of 2-23-20 on many of the peaks. Mt. Ranier 's snow ever melts on the top portion  so you can it at any time of the year.

This tour takes you away from the city and all of the congestion in Woodinville and Seattle on the weekends. It includes visits to a few wonderful award winning boutique wineries.This tour provides an in depth experience that only a private tour such as ours can offer. You will meet a wine maker or 2 and learn how he crafts his award winning wines. One such unique winery in the area offers the opportunity to taste wine while overlooking the vineyard and the garden in spring and summer. All with the wine maker. Other boutique wineries are close by or we can travel back to Woodinville or into Seattle if you wish.. After visiting the Falls we stop for lunch (on your own) but with your guide at a near by restaurant or at the beautiful Salish Lodge, which over looks the falls. (on request).Advance notice is very helpful for lunch reservations at the Salish Lodge, because it gets very busy. After a great lunch and talks about wine with your guide we head out to a few more boutique wineries to enjoy some excellent wines based on what we have selected before hand with you..
The Salish Lodge is pictured on the left side of the Falls in the gallery
We return to Seattle in the late afternoon or early evening

This tour is usually a full day aproximately 6-7 hours, but can be adjusted to your requests.

We will pick you up at your Seattle or Bellevue Hotel
The drive to Snoqualmie falls is just 35 - 40 minutes from Seattle.        
visit for more great photos of the falls

Art & Wine Tour

What a wonderful combination!. I created this tour in 2012 to enjoy both. Visit the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum

This tour usually starts with a visit to the beautiful Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle, located beneath the Space Needle. ( It's now the most popular tourist site in Seattle). 

We may also have an opportunity to observe them making glass at the Chihuly* 

A Typical Tour schedule.

1. Visit Chihuly exhibit
2. Lunch*
3.  Another Art Gallery option
4. 2-3 Boutique Wineries with Art
5. Return to your Hotel

*Lunch is,( on your own) but with your guide at a nationally acclaimed local spot, either in Seattle perhaps at the Museum Cafe or in Woodinville depending on where we go for the afternoon's wineries.
You will taste wines at some local award winning wineries usually in Woodinville that are either art focused or have uniquely designed and artistic tasting rooms along with their fine wines.

* Glass making portion is not aways available

We are with you at each and every winery to offer additional information about the wines

This tour is usually a full day about 6- 7 hours but can be adjusted to your requests.

This tour can be customised to visit either the Woodinville or the Seattle wineries following the Chihuly exhibit.

Your tickets to the Chihuly exhibit are included in the price of the tour.

We will pick you up at your Hotel in Seattle

Photos 2,3, 4, 5  and 6 were taken by Werner Nennecker at The Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle
Photo 7  was taken outside by me while on a recent tour
Photo 8 is a collection of openers at the the Museum Cafe

Corporate Tours

This is an excellent option for business meetings.

  It is a great team building event, one that  will be remembered!

 We have done events for many companies and some local law firms as well as the American Bar Association

 These are all customised to your time frame and wishes. They can involve exclusive private tastings at a winery or in your offices.

1. One example ,would be to create a catered menu, with wines paired to each course, for a lunch or dinner in the vineyard, with
    the wine maker.

 2. Another example maybe a home made Italian dinner in a winery with an Italian wine maker pairing his Italian wines with each

Both of these are always big hits

Please contact us to discuss your groups dates.

Wine Tasting on a Yacht

How about tasting wine on a nice 67 ft Yacht for a few hours!

For those who don't have a full day to visit the wineries and taste wines, this is the perfect option for those who wish to have a special experience on a yacht. Imagine yourself on a beautiful 67 ft yacht for the afternoon, tasting wines especially selected by our sommelier guide for your palette to pair with your custom catered lunch or dinner!  Then all you need to do is enjoy the afternoon as we leasurely travel around Lake Washington, tasting wines, enjoying the sunshine and the sights in this beautiful 67 ft Yacht. 
 Please visit them on facebook for information on the yacht)  or Scott and Tracy events, Seattle
 Please call us for the details   206-281-0193

Wellness and Wine Tour

Wellness and  Wine

A  little walk in the country and some wine, what a great day!

This tour involves a little walking through the countryside near Snoqualmie Falls at the beginning of the day, which is then followed by a  tasting on a wine makers porch over looking his vineyard, then a few more selected  boutique winery visits.

Bainbridge Island Wine Tour

This is a leisurely Wine Tour that starts with a scenic 30 minute ferry ride from Seattle arross the Pudget sound to charming Bainbridge Island.

 You will have an opportunity to explore this charming little town before we have lunch at any number of the wonderful little places in Town . After lunch we will go to a few of the choicest award winning Boutique wineries on the Island and meet the wine makers in many cases. What a great way to spend the day! a little sight seeing and tasting some fine wines..

 Ferry Tickets are included in the price of this tour. 

The picture is my better half and I  doing research ,tasting one of the recent award winning wines from the (SFO Chonicle) Jan 2019 while it was still in the Barrel, summer 2018

Whidbey Island Wine Tour

This Wine Tour maybe one of the most scenic tours we have.
It's  just a delightful 20 minute ferry ride

We take you from Seattle on a short 40 minute ride north to catch the 20 minute ferry ride across the sound to beautiful Whidbey Island, where you will taste some excellent wines from some award winning boutique wineries, the first with stunning views of the sound. It may be Washington's best Winery view over looking the Pudget sound! Then we stop for lunch at a great small local seafood or French Bistro close by. After a great lunch we head out to a couple of great little Boutique wineries in the country

*Ferry Tckets are included in this tour

 Email us for more details on this unique wine tasting experience.

 Cover Picture is by renowed wine photograher RICHARD DUVAL

Seattle Urban Evening Wine Tour

What a great way to finish the week !, available on Friday and Saturday nights.

We will pick you up at your Seattle Hotel or area residence

 Let us custom design this Private Wine Tour for you.
 Seattle has an excellent collection of about 30 wineries so you don't need to go to Woodinville all the time.
 Meet some winemakers and get some in-depth information on Washington's wines, beyond a normal tour
 We will usually visit 2 -3  wineries depending on your pace.
The Tour is usually from around 4:00 - 8:00 PM.
Contact us for more details.

The Cover picture is at Ward Johnson Winery,  in Magnolia. Yes he is really crushing grapes in the old fashion press

Women Wine Maker's Tour

This is a tour to showcase the many talented women wine makers in WA.
Woodinville has most of them.

Let us take you on this in depth tour, that only a private tour such as ours can provide, to meet these women wine makers and learn how they got started with their boutique wineries and why they are doing so well crafting these award winning wines.
We go with you and stay with you at each winery to provide additional information on the wines.
Guys don't be shy, this isn't just for women, these woman are really good wine makers.
These are not whimpy wines either. They have character, finesse and power
Most have won awards at not only the Seattle Wine Awards, but national publications, such as this recent winner, Damsel Cellars 2015, GSM 93 points, April 2018, The Wine Enthusiast and Callan Cellars, double gold metal Picpoul from the Seattle wine awards  3 years in row and 96 points for her Grenache

This tour is usually a full day 6-7 hours, but it can be adjusted

The Damsel is pictured with me in the cover picture and picture 6 & 7

Picture 8  is the talented Lisa Callan, who makes a great Rose and a wonderful rare
 award winning white wine

Let us show you what these ladies can do!.

We will pick you up at your Seattle or Bellevue Hotel or residence

Seattle Urban Wine Tour

This can be a combination of wine tasting & some sight seeing. It captures the spirit of the innovative wine makers who you may meet.

Are you an expert or new to wine?  It doesn't matter which one you are. We have the  experience and credentials to create an exciting tour for either one of you. Let us design this in depth tour to take you into the wineries and behind the scenes to meet the wine makers, that only a private tour such as ours can offer. Let us take you on a time effecient private tour to taste what YOU like. See how they craft their award winning wines and taste what you like!
We usually have lunch on this tour (on your own) but with your guide at a well known organic Mexican restaurant, or a great BBQ, or an excellent local Pizza , or you can choose to have a nice sit down lunch at the Purple Cafe or other downtown or SODO area restaurants. It's your choice

This tour can also include a visit to the famous Frans Chocolate factory. It's Available most days. The tour is usually about 6- 7 hours.
( min is 4 hours) Let us design a tour for you!

We will pick you up at your Seattle or Bellevue Hotel, B&B, VRBO or area residence

Cover Photo is me getting ready to run for Mayor, no not really ha!. Just a nice shot of the
city from Kerry park on Queen Anne by wedding & portrait Photograher Chris Watkins

Snohomish Wine Tour

This is the first tour to the charming, little historic town of Snohomish, just 45 minutes from Seattle.
 Located on the Snohomish river.

Snohomish  has several charming antique shops and restaurants and of course a few award winning
 wineries , it's the perfect little get away from the city crowds.
 Contact us for the details

Oregon, Pinot Noir, Tour - 2 Days

This tour is to Oregon for the Pinot Noir lovers who want to see it up close, in the vineyard

Most of Washington is too warm to grow much Pinot Noir. We decided to go to where it is done, really well, Oregon, ( Yes, Burgundy France is in the works and maybe New Zealand), but in lew of that, Oregon 's Willamette valley is really wonderful and close.
This wine tour is an overnight tour, from Seattle to the Willamette Valley, just south of Portland Oregon, its a little over 3 hours from Seattle. It is home to some world class Burgundies, the red being Pinot Noir of course as well as some Gamay and the White Burgundy , chardonnay .These red burgundies have both the fruit and the earth to give you a great combination of some of the best qualities of France and California wines,. The white burgundies are better balanced and not so over the top with Oaky and or buttery notes for the most part.
There are also some excellent Pinot Gris's and Chardonnay 's and even an ocasional beaulolais to be had. All in all a fun trip where you will visit some beautiful vineyards and taste high scoring wines.
  Please contact us for more information on the design and pricing of your tour .

We will pick you up at your Hotel

 Photo Courtesy of the Seattle Times, at "The Estates Tasting Room", Home of Archery Suimmit, a fine Oregon Pinot Noir
 Don Ward, owner of Tayor Tasting Tours is tasting the Pinot Noir.
 Pouring Is Donna Moyer, sommelier , manager and part time wine guide

2nd Photo is In "The Cave " at Archery Summit in OR

Walla Walla & Eastern WA Wine Tour

These wine tours are over night, because of the distance, 3-5 hours driving from Seattle, But we can fly over in 45 min!
See Walla Walla!

We will pick you up at your Hotel

Its just a 45 minute flight to Walla Walla for example. (P.S. A case of wine is checked free on Alaska Airlines)
We.can design a tour to take you to any of the superb 16  AVA's in Washington as of 9-25-20 including such spots as Walla Walla, famous for its Syrah or the Yakima valley, Red Mountain, famous for Bordeaux's, Lake Chelan, Leveanworth or the Columbia Gorge to name a few.

 We can also visit the famous Debrul vineyards in Yakima home to renowned Cote de Boonneville winery and taste some library wines

Washington Bordeaux Wine Tour

This Tour is devoted to tasting the finer Bordeaux's of Washington.

We have the 6 reds & 3 of the major white varietals.

You don't need to be a connisseur to take this tour! you just need to have an interest in Bordeaux wines! Let us design a tour for you that you will really enjoy. We will discuss your preferences and layout the tour from there.
We can help you to explore the distinctive characteristics of Washington's Bordeauxs as we go into each winery with you to provide you with additional information!

We have both classic right and left bank blends, as well as an abundance of different combinations of blends, plus the single varietals and even a 100% Petite Verdot. Have you had one of these!
Let us take you behind the scenes with our in depth tour, like only a private tour like ours can do, to meet the people crafing these wonderful wines. Learn why they use or own certain specific vineyards that allow them to craft the styles of wines they prefer.  These wines are made in the many styles of the Bordeaux's of France, from Pauillac, to St Julien, to Margeau, to St Emilion, or Pomerol and more. All wines are made with original native French root stocks planted in WA. unlike most of the rest of the world, including France, which uses only grafted root stocks. These wines reflect the special terror of Washington.

Taste why > 1/2 of Washington's wines have achieved 90 points or more for the last 8 years in a row from The Wine Spectator.
Most of these wines have achieved even higher ratings from: The SFO chronicle , Wine Enthusiast and others, plus Gold and Double Gold metals from The Seattle Wine awards.

Know your Bordeauxs? let us Taylor your tour to suit what ever your preferences are, or we can assist you in determining which styles you prefer most? The fun is in deciding, which of the multiple combinations of blends you prefer.Is it a particlar style you prefer?
Is it more about Power or more about Finesse ?

The owner is a French Wine Scholar so he can assist you in creating your tour with the style of the Bordeaux's you may prefer

We will pick you up at your Seattle or Bellevue Hotel or residence

Most of Bordeaux is using just 3 grapes, Merlot, Cab Sav, and Cab Franc.

The balance of the othes is less than 2%* "The French Wine Society 2018."

 The first 2 photos are on the left bank at the famous Chateau Lynch - Bages

 The 3rd one is on the right bank at the Premier Grand Cru Class A, Chateau Angelus

 All of these pictures are taken from a recent trip to Bordeaux in 2016

 Someone has to do this research!  Ha!

Woodinville Friday Night Wine Tour

A Great way to spend a Friday night! Taste wines. Listen to great live music, and have dinner from a Top rotating Food Truck all on site.

 Your Evening is all set!

We pick you up at you Seattle or Bellevue Hotel or residence.

This wine tour was created to offer busy people a chance to taste some excellent wines on Friday night in Woodinville.
 This tour will travel mostly to the warehouse district in Woodinville where Washington's boutique wineries have started.
It's a complete evening with live music in some wineries as well as some quality Food Trucks.

Contact us for the details

Seattle Urban Wine Tour - Half Day

This tour is a 1/2 day tour. A great way to see parts of the city and taste some wine. There are 30 + urban wineries in the city of Seattle.

Short on time and want to taste some excellent wines? (limited availablity ) this is the private tour to take! It is also the most effecient way to tour. We will design it for your tastes. We also go into each winery with you so you can get as much information as you wish.
Most wineries are located in the industrial neighborhoods of SODO, Georgetown and South Park, with a couple in the beautiful city neighborhood of Queen Anne.  We can visit the infamous Charles Smith Wines, located just north of Seattle's Boeing Field to see a the cities largest winery or just focus on the boutique wineries. Depending on the tour length we go to a brief lunch at a number of excellent places in the area. One is a a great organic Mexican place if we can get in, others are a great local Pizza, or a wonderful BBQ to name a few ( It's on your own, but with your guide) We can speak more with you about Washington wines at lunch or on the way. Then we visit a couple of boutique wineries with very small productions. Often you will meet the winemaker themselves.

Travel time is just 10 - 15 minutes to most wineries from Seattle, depending on traffic

 To see a list of Seattle Urban Wineries, please visit

We will pick you up at your Hotel or residence in the Seattle area

 Photos 2,4, and 5, By Werner Nennecker