Why Us

Why choose Taylor Tasting Tours

  • In this time of Covid 19, we are the safest Tour option because:
         * We have recieved the second vaccination for Covid 19 as 2/21/21
           We will privide free hospital grade masks  ( KN- 95 s) and have hand sanitizer for your use as well as a
           temperature and  O2 pulse oximeter tests.  ( Its for all of our safety from our healthcare background)
  • We visit the small boutiques, with no crowds
  • We have accress to private outdoor tastings
  • We are often the only ones in a winery
  • We have special seating away from the others, if someone else is there
  • All Tours are private and we do only one tour per day, per vehicle so each tour vehicle is sanitized each day for your tour
  • Our guides will wear masks all of the time
         The most recommended tour company by Washington wineries
  • Seattle’s only wine tour company owned by a sommelier and a French Wine Scholar, so we can provide additional information to enhance your experience, like no other company
  • We have the highest reviews, from Trip advisor, Google etc. of any tour company in Washington
  • We  have the most knowledgable, experienced and highly educated guides in town, 10 years +
  • A private tour is the safest way to go, why ride on bus close to others you don't know?
  • We will pick you up when you want to go!, we work with your time schedule, not ours
  • We are the only exclusivlely private tour company that stays with you into each place,( we are not a drive and drop like the others)  so we can provide additional information about what you are tasting
  • We focus on the small Boutique wineries, with no crowds
  • We are a local, privately held company focused on wine and other tasting tours, not a limousine or transportation company who has decided to offer wine or other tours as a side line.
  • The company owner and its employees have a passion for wine, as well as spirits and beers
  • Because of our deep wine knowledge and close relationships with winemakers etc. we are able to uniquely design tour experiences that you will be more likley to enjoy.
  • You will have a more in depth and enriching experience than just a plain wine or other tour
  • Wine, Spirits and Brewery tours are all we do.
  • We have those special contacts to take you to the cult wineries that others can't.